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Hiring Employees & Selecting a Parachute {A Parable for Business}

Hiring an employee for a key job is like selecting a parachute. It is an extremely important decision with dire consequences if you make a poor decision. Imagine that you have an assortment of parachutes in front of you. In this scenario, you have no special knowledge or experience with parachutes. Looking at the parachutes, you see:

A. The blue one looks good...and blue is your favorite color.

B. The next one is well made with comfortable straps and rigging.

C. The last one’s advertising material reads very well.

D. The green one had excellent reviews.

E. Your golfing buddy said that the striped one was good.

The problem is that while this information is interesting and possibly helpful, the only question that you want to know is “Will it open?”

Now you need to hire a person for a key sales job. You meet the candidates:

A. You really hit it off with the first one...easy to talk with and enthusiastic.

B. The second one had a lot of experience with similar companies.

C. The third had an outstanding resumé.

D. A previous employer spoke highly of the fourth one.

E. The last one was referred to you by your golfing buddy.

The problem is that the only question that you want to know is “Can they do the job?”

Back to the parachutes...The door opens and a professional skydiver comes in and looks at the five parachutes and your puzzled expression. “This will make it easier,” he says, placing index cards on each parachute. You read the cards:

A. Pretty chute-easy to get tangled.

B. Most comfortable chute but needs a professional to use it correctly.

C. Opens most of the time

D. Has a reserve chute in case it doesn’t open

E. Always opens

Which one do you pick now?

Back to the hiring question...Each candidate completed the BestWork Experience. You print out the Persuasive Sales Job Report for each one:

A. Cannot persuade prospects to make a buying decision

B. Cannot handle a complex, solution sale

C. Can close sales unless there are strong stalls or objections

D. Loose follow up with sales efforts

E. Can persuade prospects to make buying decisions

Which one do you pick now?

Better information leads to better decisions. BestWork answers your questions about the candidates’ job performance. Once you know that the candidate can do the job, the other information from interviews and other sources can help you choose the best one from the can-do candidates.

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