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Transforming Workplaces, Together

The more we understand ourselves, the more we understand each other

BestWork measures the hard-wired personality traits and cognitive abilities of each individual. These are the strengths that each person has and which never go away. They are foundational to job performance, communication, collaboration, and anything that involves thinking, learning, or behaving. The same DATA that is used for hiring, is used for training and managing. It is used for career planning and problem-solving. 

Our DATA is a blueprint of how an individual thinks, learns, and behaves. This set of DATA comes from a 25-minute online experience measuring hard-wired personality traits and cognitive abilities.

The decisions made with the information in BestWork reports are powerful decisions that can change lives and change businesses. That is because they are based on personality traits and cognitive abilities that are the foundation of how each person thinks, learns, and behaves. As measured with the psychometric instruments within BestWork, these do not appreciably change over time or with training, management, or incentives. They are strengths that are always there. The trick is that they are only strengths when they are in the right position. In the wrong position or managed the wrong way, these same strengths become weaknesses. 
BestWork takes the behavioral and cognitive DATA and translates it into descriptions of how those capabilities impact key situations in business, in a job search, in a startup, in a boardroom, on a manufacturing line, in a sales presentation and so much more. Without this information, hiring and managing people relies mainly on observation, opinion, and emotion. BestWork opens a window into how to hire, train and manage individuals to optimize each person’s potential. For the first time, the wonderful individuality of each person is revealed for everyone to see.

We believe that every business, big or small, should have access to DATA on their people to better understand their unique strengths. Businesses deserve to have access to information that helps them hire, manage, and retain their most important asset, their people. DATA is a powerful, game-changing resource for any business.

Why BestWork?

The Basics

BestWork uses two psychometric instruments to collect the DATA, a cognitive instrument and a personality survey. Each represents the state of the art in that science, delivering accurate and reliable measurements of hard-wired personality traits and cognitive abilities. This is important to know, but it is not a reason to use BestWork.

Using any instrument that does not measure how people think, learn and process information is like buying a car without knowing anything about the engine. Some jobs require slow and careful learning, while others require faster processing speeds. This is a common cause of performance problems and turnover.

Cognitive Abilities Are Included

Easy to Use Without Special Training

Although BestWork uses highly sophisticated psychometric instruments, the reports are easily understood without the need for specialized training or interpretation by experts.

Easy to Start

There is no need to build profiles for jobs. BestWork uses a unique reporting format that enables you to clearly understand the specific strengths and weaknesses of each candidate without needing to refer to a separate reference point.

Descriptions of Specific Job Behaviors

Every job is made up of individual job behaviors. Some of these are critical to success in that job (e.g. Closing sales in a persuasive sales role, or Working with detailed information for a financial job). BestWork’s ability to determine if the candidate can deliver those critical job behaviors enables a user to effectively screen out those candidates that cannot. Similarly, the first step in solving a performance problem is to see if the person has the necessary job behaviors.

Follows the Lifecycle of the Employee

DATA contributes to decisions throughout the lifecycle of the employee. It clarifies training needs, verifies career path decisions, matches their strengths to projects, aids in collaboration and communication with co- workers and gives managers key information on directing their performance.

Ready to Truly Understand Your Team?

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