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Client Resources

Welcome to our Client Resources page full of helpful guides, podcasts, workshops, and more. If we don't answer your question here, please reach out! We're here to help.

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BestWork Guides

Job Fit

Understand how and when to use our Job Fit reports. 

Team Engineering

Learn how team engineering works and how it helps your company.

Performance Issues

Identify why performance issues are happening with DATA.

Workforce Retention

See how DATA can assist in workforce redistribution and retention.

Screening & Selection

Learn how you can use the DATA when hiring to your advantage.

Communication & Collaboration

Read how to use our reports for better communication and collaboration. 

Career Planning

Learn how DATA can help you facilitate in-depth career planning with your team.

Onboarding & Training

See how to avoid onboarding and training pitfalls using DATA.


Understand why we use the term coachability and why it's important.

Succession Planning

Learn how you can use DATA when succession planning.

No Bad Hires Podcast

NBH Ep. 1 Defining a Bad HireChuck Russell
00:00 / 12:38
NBH Ep. 2 Job Performance ModelsChuck Russell
00:00 / 10:54
NBH Ep. 3 Hiring Myths & DATA RealitiesChuck Russell
00:00 / 14:56
NBH Ep. 4 All About Job BehaviorsChuck Russell
00:00 / 12:38
NBH Ep. 5 Screening and SelectionChuck Russell
00:00 / 13:30
NBH Ep. 6 The Truth About InterviewsChuck Russell
00:00 / 18:33

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