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DATA as an Event or Ongoing?

Crazy question… Businesses are ongoing. People are constantly interacting. Decisions are being made throughout the day. Processes, conversations, problem-solving, planning, and countless other actions are never-ending. Each one of these requires people to do things a certain way. Their ability to do that depends upon the hard-wired personality traits and cognitive abilities of all of the people involved. The more specifically you understand the strengths and abilities of the people, the more you can ensure the outcomes that your business needs. Without that knowledge, you can encourage; you can motivate and can hope. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it does not.

Today, that knowledge is readily available with BestWork. At any point in the lifecycle of an employee, DATA provides clear and easily understood the information on the job behaviors of that employee. DATA is there for decisions on selection, onboarding, training, managing, career pathing, succession planning, performance troubleshooting, self-coaching, communication, and much more.

BestWork is not an assessment. Assessments tend to be events. It might be a hiring event. It might be a team-building event. It might be a coaching event. It might be a fascinating discussion filled with insights. Once the event is over, the assessment information is like birthday party decorations on the next day after the birthday. BestWork is always there, in whatever form you want, answering whatever questions you have. The DATA is agile. It reveals the topology of a workgroup and how they interact with their strengths and with their gaps. If the members shift to another team, their DATA shifts with them. It can be used to place an intern into the best role, and years later, the same DATA can guide that person into an executive position. DATA becomes a common language for describing job performance within the enterprise. DATA unlocks the extraordinary potential within each person, revealing it and connecting it with the best opportunities.

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