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The Psychometric DATA Revolution

It seems so simple at first…on the surface.

People have hard-wired personality traits and cognitive abilities that effectively do not change.

So what?

Those traits and abilities are foundational to how each person thinks, learns, and behaves. They are that person’s unique strengths.

Interesting, but so what?

It means that a person’s ability to perform a particular job depends upon whether or not they have the particular strengths needed for that job.

But if they worked hard and got special training…?

The best they could hope for is to be average. Without the right strengths, they can never excel. The cost of stress and energy becomes too great.

What about motivation and dedication and hard work?

A person in the right job that matches their strengths can achieve wonderful things with motivation and dedication and hard work. The person in the wrong job is like a short basketball player. All of their motivation, dedication, and hard work pays off poorly in comparison to the tall basketball player.

The first tremor of change…

The conversation above is not new. Most people at least are familiar with the general idea of job fit. However, something has changed. Previously, job fit was confined to the world of psychologists, assessment experts, consultants, and a ragtag collection of outdated personality surveys. It was always interesting and often helpful in limited ways.

Science moved on. Psychology moved on and agreed on a model of personality that displaced the old theories. Psychometric science moved on, and more effective ways of measuring personality traits and cognitive abilities were developed. By using these new tools, the topology of teams could be mapped and effective teams could be engineered for specific purposes. Used properly, these tools could virtually eliminate bad hires.

Unfortunately, these capabilities were not widespread and depended on a handful of expert practitioners. Then came the breakthrough that will ultimately trigger a revolution in the business world greater than the Industrial Revolution and greater than the Digital Revolution. BestWork DATA disintermediated the experts with a completely new way of presenting the information that anyone could understand. It no longer required special training or expert help. The information was available for almost any business decision: hiring, interviewing, training, managing, coaching, mentoring, reviewing, career planning, and more. If a management question involved thinking, learning, or behaving, the DATA could answer it. The DATA was agile. It could be applied to individuals, but also multiple people for understanding communication or working relationships. It could inventory the collective strengths of a company or a workgroup to see if the operational strengths could support the operational strategies.

These applications have been vetted with hundreds of client companies and in dozens of different industries. What is possible with DATA is astounding. It shatters the existing paradigms for hiring, training, management, education, and more.

  • No bad hires

  • No wasted training

  • Effective performance management

  • Teams engineered for effectiveness

  • Human resources inventoried and deployed as effectively as sports teams

  • Communication issues resolved almost immediately

  • Students selecting careers that match their strengths

  • Regions understanding their workforce capabilities

  • Each individual knowing their unique strengths

Every management book must now start with DATA. Every book on hiring must start with DATA. Every team-building project must start with DATA. Managers must start with DATA on their team. Schools must use DATA to understand their students.

When MRIs were introduced to the medical profession, they offered a level of information that made for more accurate diagnoses, not for some doctors, but all doctors. MRIs did not make X-rays bad. They simply offered a deeper look. That is what DATA does. The question is do you want to know specifically what a person’s capabilities are or do you want to guess?

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