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If Not DATA, Then What, a series covering different topics on the benefits of DATA.

To start us off, the most important topic for your business is how DATA can unlock the potential of human capital, affording extraordinary advantages through dramatic advances in talent management and workforce planning. This sounds exciting but you have heard such things before, so let’s get down to the practical and specific right away.

What is DATA? BestWork measures how a person thinks learns, and behaves, based on hard-wired personality traits and cognitive abilities. These do not effectively change with training, coaching, or incentives. They are strengths and abilities that are never lost. By themselves, they are neither positive nor negative. Their value depends entirely on what the person is trying to do. Seven feet tall is great for basketball but a serious problem for a coal miner.

BestWork collects this DATA in a 25 minutes online experience, using the latest psychometric methodologies and based on the latest psychological science. The DATA is accurate and reliable, but more importantly for you, understanding what it means requires no special training or experts. There is no need for creating profiles or templates of top performers as older products did. BestWork is agile, meaning that it can be applied to any kind of decision that is affected by how a person thinks, learns, and behaves. Think about the impact of that.

  • You can easily see if a person can do a job or if they cannot.

  • You can recognize what is causing performance problems.

  • You can know exactly how a team will function.

  • You can identify who will be successful in a training program and who will not.

  • If a person is struggling in one job, DATA can show you what type of job they can do.

  • You can see if the operational strengths of your team can support your operational strategies.

DATA is a disruptive innovation that will irrevocably change the business world, revealing the strengths and abilities that lie within every human being. Without the knowledge that DATA offers, people accomplish less; are more frustrated, and do not communicate or work with others as well as they could. This article is the first of a series entitled, If Not DATA, Then What? The subsequent articles will focus on specific areas of business, education, and life in general that will be benefited from DATA.

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