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Disrupting Recruiting

Learn how DATA can disrupt recruiting.

A Radical Disruption in Executive Recruiting or A Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Executive Recruiting…Depending on Your Perspective

Dissatisfaction in the Air - What is the job?

​Recruiters read the job description; question their clients; discuss their answers; reread the job description, and ask more questions. Then they use their experience and knowledge to craft a picture of the right candidate for that position. With that in hand, they set out to find candidates matching that description. They contact likely individuals; interview them; promote the opportunities and advantages of the proposed job change, and repeat until the requisite number of candidates is reached. The results of their search are then presented to the client who is eagerly awaiting their new star. Unfortunately, all too often the client declares that these candidates are nothing like what they asked for. So, the process begins anew, with the same recruiter or with a new one.

More Dissatisfaction - That One Didn’t Work Out!

The above scenario is expensive in time, energy, and money to both the recruiter and the client, but relatively speaking it is a cheaper error than what could have happened. Often, the client is presented with a slate of candidates, all carefully selected with resumés and interviews. They make a selection, with more interviews. Still, there are times when the new hire is trained and brought onboard but never seems to perform as expected. This is horrendously expensive for the client and the recruiter.

Imagine a Different Approach

Instead of thinking of all the things that they wanted that new hire to do, and all of the things that would lead to excellent performance, what if the recruiter and the client simply identified the critical behaviors in the job. Without these factors, it would be impossible to do the job.

If they cannot persuade people to act, they cannot sell.

If they cannot give feedback to employees, they cannot manage.

If they cannot handle details, they cannot handle accounting.

If they cannot work with complex issues, they cannot sell solutions.

If they cannot follow rules, they cannot manage processes.

By identifying these must-have factors, it is possible to screen out those candidates that cannot perform the job early in the process, thus streamlining the selection. The fascinating byproduct is that clients and recruiters generally find it easy to agree on the critical factors.

Today, the newest assessment technologies can determine these factors in 25 minutes. The results are easily understandable without any specialized training or interpretation. The cost is usually less than one dollar per candidate. Once the bad hires have been screened out, the same DATA is used to select the best candidates for the position. Behavioral event-based interview questions are even provided that automatically target the weaknesses of the candidates. Once a selection has been made, training and onboarding information help fast start the new hire.

Imagine Competing with That Advantage

A recruiter using this new technology has a serious competitive advantage over competing recruiters. They can demonstrate their effectiveness and match the client’s needs. Their success rate becomes a sustainable advantage.

I once spoke before 120 prominent recruiters. I asked the question, “What do you consider to be a high success rate in finding the right candidates for your clients?” The answer was 7 out of 10. If that is “high”, the average must be 5 or 6 out of 10. Some businesses would fail with that result.

Assessment technology delivers 9 out of 10 or better, day in and day out.

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