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Giving back to Veterans

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Why we give back.

Veterans are special people who served a cause greater than themselves. For that they deserve the honor and respect of others. They are far more than just Veterans. Too often the perception of others, especially businesses, only sees the Veteran part of a job candidate. More often than not, this causes well-meaning employers to not recognize the true strengths and abilities of a Veteran job seeker.

    • Some assume that all Veterans possess leadership skills that translate into management roles in business. Some Veterans may have those skills but many served in other ways.

    • Some have no knowledge of the range of experience and skills that are available in the Armed Forces. They tend to discount the Veteran’s capabilities outside the military.

    • Some try to relate the Veteran’s MOS or what they did in the military to the civilian business world. They make the assumption that the MOS was a good fit, and often  it was simply chance.


BestWork and Try On Jobs translate each Veteran’s hard-wired personality traits and cognitive abilities into job behaviors within the business world. It lets potential employers and recruiters see beyond the military experience and focus on the potential of those strengths going forward.

Try On Jobs

For Veterans

Digitally try on over 400+ jobs and discover the hundreds of job possibilities that fit your strengths. All you need is 25 minutes and the curiosity to validate your job capabilities.

Veteran Job Seeking Packet

This packet is available within the Try On Jobs Marketplace at no charge.

View a Sample Packet

Our Veteran's Job Seeker Packet is free for all veterans.

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