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DATA changes everything.

Meet BestWork, a DATA-driven online hiring and management solution for businesses. We empower companies with actionable hard-wired personality and cognitive ability DATA on the job capabilities of their workforce so they can meet the needs of their team members. It is important to us to have accessible and sustainable solutions that create positive change for businesses and their people.

What do we mean by DATA?
BestWork DATA diagram

Our DATA is a blueprint of how an individual thinks, learns, and behaves. This set of DATA comes from our 25-minute BestWork Experience measuring cognitive abilities and hard-wired personality traits. The DATA can describe how a person's specific capabilities show up in a job, how they communicate, or how they will manage a team to name a few. Learning about one's DATA is a positive experience. Awareness creates growth, confidence, and strengthens communication within a company and ones self.







Hard-wired cognitive abilities & personality traits

Don't change

Can be learned

Can change

Better information transforms employees into individuals

When we can understand our team member's hard-wired strengths and abilities, we can personalize our communication with each other, map out a career plan, and position ourselves in a work environment that fits our needs. DATA allows us to have a deeper look into the people that make our businesses successful. It connects us on a more personal level. DATA has the power to create synergy and empower the lives of the people in your company.


Needs details

Handles stress well

Calls out issues

Dislikes routine

Sees big picture

Can manage others

Learns quickly

Needs structure

Listens well



Needs social interaction

What DATA can do
Candle Store Owner

Screening & Selection

Capture talent faster.

With DATA, screening and selection can be done before even speaking with a candidate. We focus on the critical factors for that job. A good question to ask is,"How does a hard working person fail at this job?" It's almost impossible and riskier to try to find the perfect person for the job. It is much more accurate and cost-effective to screen out those who don't match the critical factors for the job beforehand. DATA even allows you to find the hidden gems that might need training and experience, but will be a great fit.

Onboarding & Training

Personalize your onboarding process.

Once you have selected your new hire, the transition timeline can vary from person to person. It might take some people a few weeks to get settled, others might take a few months. To improve this onboarding process, DATA provides you important information on their specific training needs, onboarding keys, and how to manage your new hire. The more DATA you have, the smoother the transition will be for both parties.

Young Businesswomen
Team Meeting

Performance Management

Create a winning team.

Talent management can be tricky, especially if you don't know the root cause of why someone is not performing in their job. With DATA, you can compare their job capabilities with the job's responsibilities as well as understand the team or manager's dynamic to diagnose the issue. DATA illuminates if there is a performance problem or if it is something else. 

Communication & Collaboration

Bridge communication gaps.

Communication is the foundation of success for any company. The better the communication, the better the performance. Most of the time a gap in communication is because there is a lack of information. DATA can pinpoint where the gaps are and how best to engineer your teams. When managers and team members know each other's ways of working, communication mishaps can be avoided. 

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Things we care about

Transforming the human resource space

Bridging the communication gap between job seekers and employers

Creating tools to foster unbiased hiring.

Awakening people's strengths and abilities

Empowering companies to truly understand their people and empowering workers to know their value and work environment needs


Trusted by businesses of all sizes

How we've helped our customers

“I received 226 resumés after posting an opening for an executive assistant. I need a highly organized person who can deal with my direct manner. BestWork screened out applicants with loose organization or who lacked a sufficient level of assertiveness. Once those screenings were applied, 8 candidates were left. I cannot imagine having done this any other way.”

CEO of manufacturing company

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How we make your life easier

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Easily screen out candidates when hiring to save time and money.

Understand each team member's job strengths to increase job performance.

Improve 1-on-1


between managers and teams

Help team member's to feel heard, seen, and valued to increase retention.

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Why we do what we do

"To touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people so that they will see themselves through their strengths instead of their weaknesses and so that they can better understand other people."

Join our growing community.

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