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The New Age of Hiring

Transform your hiring process with DATA. Introducing BestWork Hiring.

All-in-one Hiring Solution

This is how we recommend using our reports, but it's really up to you!

First, you select a job from a list of 30 Job Reports:

  • Quality Assurance

  • Safety Manager

  • Executive Assistant

  • Trainer

  • Operations Manager

  • Recruiter

  • Inbound Sales Calls

  • Collections Calls

  • Plus more...



Easily screen out candidates using our Quick Screen Chart.


Use the Job Report based on the position you chose to take a deeper look at job fit. This is also the time where you can consider their unique experience and skills. You can also use this report with the Quick Screen Chart.


Use our behavioral event-based Interview Questions specific to the job you're hiring for.


Once you've selected your new hire, you can personalize their onboarding process by looking at their Training Guide, Onboarding Keys, and Working with Me reports to create a smooth transition when joining your company.


Job Strengths report is automatically given to the candidate when they complete the BestWork Experience.

The Details

The Reports

Each set of reports comes with a PDF guide

Job Fit

Screening & Selection

(30 job reports)

Job Reports (clients select from a list)
Quick Screen for Job Reports selected
Persuasive Sales
IT Position
Business Project Manager
Strengths Chart for Job Reports selected
Sales Interview Questions
Customer Service
Management Interview Questions

+ more

Onboarding & Training

View Samples

Ready to Kickstart Your Hiring Process?

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