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Team Engineering

Team engineering with DATA is one of the most powerful applications available with BestWork’s system. This is NOT team building. Team building is defined as the process of encouraging members of a work group to work well together, for example, by having them take part in activities or games. That can be fun and entertaining, and if done well, everyone learns something about others. It rarely produces the results that the business had in mind. It is simply a beginner introduction to how people differ, using the earliest models of personality such as DISC or Myers-Briggs.

Today, BestWork uses much more advanced personality models in combination with cognitive abilities to provide detailed information on how each person thinks, learns, and behaves within any type of work group. Team engineering with DATA produces the results that you wanted when you did team building exercises. You will see clearly:

  • The collective strengths of the team and what is missing

  • How well the leader fits with this particular team

  • Specific communication issues between any individuals and the team

  • Specific communication issues between any two individuals

  • How well the strengths of the team match the mission of the team

The clarity of the DATA-driven information enables you to easily recognize the most effective interventions and development strategies for both the team and the individual members of the team.

Example: The chart following this shows an executive team of eleven members with numbers showing the distribution of the team’s strengths. The CEO’s location in the distribution is identified by an asterisk(*). This team included diverse positions, from marketing to financial positions, so a diverse distribution of strengths is expected. A gap of one space between two individuals indicates a situation requiring conscious energy and attention to connect effectively. With this in mind, examine places on the chart where this occurs.

  1. Note where the CEO’s strengths are relative to the rest of the team.

  2. Where are there clusters of similar strengths?

  3. Where are there outliers from most of the team?

  4. What do you think are the challenges this team has in working together?

  5. What are the challenges for the CEO working with this team?

This exercise offers many paths of exploration depending on the goals of the team engineering program. In your BestWork account, the Team Interaction Map report allows you to utilize these strategies with your teams.

We will be offering a workshop on team engineering this fall. Sign up for our newsletter or check our Resource page for upcoming events!

Team Engineering Example

Executive Team w/CEO*


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